Online Community Development. Digital Placemaking. This is what Scenable is all about.

The Basics

Scenable is a flexible platform designed to give neighborhoods and local communities-of-interest a strong mobile and online presence.

Local communities are complex, dynamic, and information about them is spread all over the web. Think about it — Google and other services provide maps and basic business information, Yelp provides some reviews, FourSquare and Facebook allow people to check into establishments, local media and blogs list events and news, Facebook allows for social interaction, etc. Individually, these are only small parts of what makes local communities what they are, and by them being in so many disparate places, it makes it very hard for people to connect to local communities and for local communities to build presence online.

How Scenable Works

Scenable works by bringing information about your community together into one place through what we call “feeds.” And since every community is different, you can mix and match feeds to create a customized website and mobile app that will engage users and get people involved. Below are the feeds currently available:

Places Feed: Whether it’s a listing of local businesses, points-of-interest or a walking tour, every local community has places for people to see. The Places feed lets you make them available at the touch of a finger or click of a mouse.

Scenable Places Feed Scenable Single Place

Events Feed: What events are happening in your community? Scenable gives you a central place that your community members can use to find out what’s going on. You can populate the events feed by pulling from Facebook, ical/gcal calendars or by creating them directly in Scenable.

Scenable Events Feed

News Feed: Need to keep your community members updated on what’s going on? Use the news feed to post articles from local media outlets or to write content yourself!

Scenable News Feed

Coupon Feed: Do your local businesses want to make some special offers available to your community members? The Coupons feed gives them a place to do just that!

Other Features

  • Map Mode: All feeds can be viewed as a list or on a user geo-located map.
  • Business Access: Do you want to allow your community’s businesses or organizations to edit and add new events or coupons? They can use our intuitive business management panel to go in and edit their information whenever they want.
  • Custom Design: Have a logo or color scheme for your community? We can customize our interface to match your branding.

More features are coming soon!


Custom mobile app development is expensive and time-consuming, often costing at least $20,000 and going up from there and taking several months. Since Scenable is a pre-built platform that is then customized to your needs, we offer a solution that’s a fraction of the cost and that can be up and running within a few weeks.

Interested in building a Scene for your community? Let us know!